About The Buy Here Pay Here Program?

Buy Here Pay Here is a program that Dealerships offer to customers that cannot get approved through the traditional banking programs. With the “buy here pay here dallas” program the dealers are able to finance you for a car themselves without having to rely on finance companies. After getting so many denials from the banks the Car Dealers decided to offer a different auto financing program for customers with not so good credit. This is where the in house financing program was born.The first BHPH car lots started popping up around Dallas,TX in the 70s when Americans were experiencing the loan crisis. Many banks around that time were denying all loans unless you had perfect credit. Without these dealers offering BHPH loans experts have estimated that around 2 million people would have been without a car during this crisis. In Dallas alone buy here pay here Dealers sold over 3,000 cars in 1972. Since then the industry has taken a turn for the best by helping the average American with their transportation needs.

buy here pay here dallas
buy here pay here dallas

What kind of credit do I need to qualify for this special finance program?

in house financingTraditional car dealerships require you have a credit score of at least 650 before they can even get you pre-qualified. This is not the case with the buy here pay here dealerships in Dallas because they don’t deny anyone just because of bad credit. They look mostly into your job history because they want to make sure you can afford the car before they sell it to you. They understand since the economy went down not many people can maintain a high credit score so this is why they are willing to offer them a second chance. We have seen people with a low score of 400 get approved with no problem.


How do I find buy here pay here Dallas dealerships?

Fortunately for you Dallas Auto Locators has one of the largest networks of Buy Here Pay Here Dallas car lots in the state of Texas. Not only do we do all the car searching for you but we have a great relationships with many Dealerships to get you the best deal when shopping for a vehicle. We only work with dealers that treat all customers with fairness and don’t have a bad reputation. Many buy here pay here car lots are out to get the most profit per deal. This is why we recommend to user our auto locator services because we help you make an informed decision.

Our Agents have many years of experience in the auto industry and are here to make sure the customer is happy with their auto purchase no matter what it takes. They will walk you by your list of car options that make sense for your specific financial situation. If we feel your car deal is not a good one we will be honest with you and notify right away. With over 20 Dealers in our network we are sure one of our Agents will find the perfect car for you and your family.

What are the requirements for BHPH approvals in Dallas?

With buy here pay here dallas dealers it is very easy to get an approval as long as you show proof you can pay for the car without having financial problems. You can show proof by providing check stubs, bank statements or other financial documents stating how much income you make per month. Some salesmen can even approve you even if you don’t have check stubs as long as you can provide a letter from your boss with the company letter head.

Aside from this you will also have to verify your address by bringing in a utility bill confirming your place of residence. If you cannot provide this then sometime dealers can accept cell phone bills as well. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email or give a call.

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